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A well thought out design will help you enjoy and be part of the building process and poor design can make you wish you had never decided to build a new home.  Good design will help you decide what you really want, will help the contractor and sub-trades understand what the objectives are, and will make the project move forward much more smoothly by giving a clear picture to all parties involved.


We will work with you to establish a budget that is realistic for your situation but will also provide you with the best value for your dollars spent.   This is integral to the design & planning process as there are a multitude of factors that may affect the overall cost of your project.

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Good planning is critical to the success of any build.  We believe that as the customer, you need to be well informed about each stage of the building process.  Our goal is to present you with various home styles that will fit you and your new neighborhood, to explain design/materials detail options and to explain the pros and cons of each choice and then let you decide what is right for you.  Changes during construction are much more complicated and expensive so we strive to provide answers to as many of your questions as possible, before and during the design stage.

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