Quality, High Performance, Sustainability

High Performance

Superior comfort and cost savings due to an energy efficient design, air tight envelope, optimized insulation, energy savings benefits from components such as use of heat pumps, passive heating and cooling, glazing technologies, reduction in thermal bridging, heat recovery system, solar energy utilization and air quality management.

Quality Components

We utilize components that will stand the test of time by being reliable and doing the job they were designed to do.  Although the majority of appliances and mechanical systems today are digital and are generally very reliable for their recommended useful life, it is critical that your builder work closely with experts in the field (plumbers, electricians, engineers) to design your house as a whole system with all devices working together to suit the size and demand of the space

Quality Finishes

The importance of choosing the right materials in the building process cannot be understated.  Certain low cost finishes may look good when applied or installed but can either fail, fade or change appearance within a couple of years or even a couple of months.  We refer to our many years of experience with different materials and applications and will choose the most suitable, reliable and appropriate finishes and processes.

chunks of rough cut white bc marble

Locally Sourced

Whenever possible, we will offer products that are made in Canada.  With our abundant natural resources in forestry, Canada produces some of the finest sustainable products in the world.


There are an immense variety of components and materials on the market today.  It can be hard to know what to choose.  Working with your designer/architect and the builder can be very helpful in planning the "look" and function of your house.   It is important to balance visual, practical and economic considerations when choosing components and materials.  Air quality, availability, maintenance and reliability are also significant factors when choosing products.

cut wood pieces lined up


You will be spending more time in your home than elsewhere so it is important that the space is comfortable, safe and healthy.  As the movement towards energy efficient homes continues, so does the emphasis on health and safety.  A critical part of the design and finish of your home is recognizing products and features that effect air quality and overall comfort.  Options such as low or zero VOC paints , sealers and resins are becoming more commonly available and allow for building a home with much lower emissions than in the past. Energy efficient lighting and Energy Star rated products will also impact home energy costs and comfort.

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